The Best Modes of Transport Connecting the Provinces in Canada

Canada has a total of three territories and ten provinces. The territories and the provinces of Canada vary widely in both water and land area. This North-American country is the second largest country in the world in total area stretching from the Arctic Circle in the north to US in the south. The most important cities of Canada include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec and Ottawa. Transportation in this country is completely dedicated towards having a high-capacity and efficient multimodal transport straddling huge distances between urban areas, agricultural areas and natural resources extraction sites.

The Importance of Transport in Canada

There is a huge importance of transport in a trading country like Canada. As has been said earlier, Canada possesses a total of ten provinces and in order to keep trade and business running active between these provinces, proper transportation is very important. Therefore, the significance of transportation in Canada cannot be underestimated. Also to note is the great distances between farms, mines, urban centers and forests that make efficient transport a necessity in Canada. Properly functioning transportation in Canada is also necessary for the free movement of manufactured and natural goods through international and domestic markets. Transportation has and it will always play a very important role in the political and social unity of the country.

Air Transport

Due to the large size of Canada, people generally travel between the provinces by airplane. Almost all the important cities of Canada have airports that have flights regularly scheduled to and from different places. Flying in Canada is not a very difficult thing to do. You just need to have your photo identification card from the territorial, provincial or federal government of Canada. Your foreign passport can also work.