Ferry Transport

Transport Connecting the Provinces in Canada

Rail Transport

The railway network of Canada runs throughout the country right from British Columbia, Prince Rupert and Vancouver in the west to Nova Scotia and Halifax in the East. The trains operating in Canada are comfortable and safe and they tend to be a cheaper option for the people. Train tickets in Canada can even be bought in advance.

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Bust Transport

Bus transport is the most affordable mode of transport in Canada, especially for the ones who like to travel between the Canadian provinces without paying much. Bus transport in Canada is also the only method of travelling to the smaller towns of the country, especially for people who do not have a car. However, it is important to note that travelling between provinces by bus can be a long affair because of the great distances. The buses operating in Canada feature washroom on board and air conditioning. Greyhound buses are quite popular throughout Canada.

Ferry Transport

Ferry transport is one of the most common ways of travelling in the coastal regions of Canada like Atlantic and British Columbia regions. The ferries generally transport vehicles and passengers from one place to another.

Car Transport

Canada boasts of a very good network of roads and highways and this is the reason why using a car for long distance travel is very easy in Canada. If you would like to travel between the provinces in Canada, using a car would be the best option for you.